Dawn Barraco, mother, grandmother, and Corporate World “Veteran”, was honorably discharged “retired” from the Communications Industry in 2007.

Dawn was born and raised in Southern California and her family traveled a lot to follow her father who was serving the United States in the Navy. She actually attended 11 different schools growing up and believes it is where she initially developed the skill of relating with others. She began her career in Communications and spent 28 years within the Industry giants like Ma Bell, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Avaya Inc. It is where Dawn received intense and the most current training in computers, networking and using the internet to provide customer solutions to their communication needs. In addition she served the community while living in Colorado in many different fund raising and awareness programs for United Way, Labor’s Community Agency, Children’s Hospital and the Susan Komen foundation.

Dawn has a track record to show that she has a sincere compassion for children, the elderly and animals and chooses to do projects that will directly and positively affect them.
She has over 40 years of experience practicing her skills of relating with people. Dawn likes to tell people how her 3rd grade teacher put on report card – “Social Butterfly and loves to talk”. The lifetime practice has given her knowledge on how to monetize this skill. She has used it to market her Travel business and it flourished into an executive position as the Public Relations and Social Business Director of Canine Caviar. The world’s only known alkaline based pet food. Her ability to have an honest conversation with people has helped her to increase their business domestically and internationally. The business quadrupled sales in the first six months by simply using the internet to share their Mission.

“Socially acceptable and digitally yours” came to her as she began to speak and teach other business leaders how to use the Internet to Brand a Business and YOU. Dawn currently has a national weekly conference call that directly relations to marketing the Travel Business.

Dawn Barraco


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